Online Roulette: Overview of Game Types And Features

In any movie where the casino is mentioned, you can see footage of people playing Roulette. This vivid image is familiar to all gamblers. Thanks to technology, it was possible to transfer it online. And now you can enjoy your favorite game from your computer or phone.

We want to tell you about Roulette online Australia, what types of it exist today and how a free game is useful. And also we will open the veil of secrecy and share tips on how to play it.

Which Online Roulette to Choose: Free or Real Money

Some types of Roulette are quite profitable for the player. However, this does not mean that the free Roulette online is meaningless. In fact, this feature is useful even for experienced gamblers. Let's look at its advantages:

  • Significant budget savings. You do not use your bankroll at all, but play in demo mode.
  • All functions remain unchanged - this is a good way to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.
  • You can choose the option you like best without spending a single cent.
  • A game without risk - suitable for those who are interested in the process itself, and not in monetary gain.
  • This type of game is much easier. You do not need to register and pass age verification.

But, of course, there are also important disadvantages:

  • The possibility of earning is excluded.
  • Free play does not affect your rating in the casino in any way.
  • Lack of vivid emotions that are associated with risk and gain.

In order to objectively assess the situation, let's look at the pros and cons of a paid game.


  • there is an opportunity to earn;
  • there is promotion in the VIP program;
  • vivid impressions of the process;
  • a more complete gambling experience.


  • the risk of losing money.

Everyone has the right to decide which style of play suits him best. But there are types of Roulette that are easy to play and the risk is minimized. Let's talk about them next.

List of Popular Roulette Types and Their Rules

In modern casinos there is not a wide variety of types. Basically game online Roulette is represented by three options: European, American and French.

But since video games are created by different companies, such as Play'n'Go or Playtech, they differ from each other. Each supplier adds interesting features and creative table designs.

Let's see how the main types of Roulette differ from each other:

  • European - has 1 zero sector;
  • American - contains two zeros, so the second name is double zero;
  • French - if the ball hits zero, then the player does not lose (as in other types), but loses only half of the bet.

There is also an interesting option Multi Wheel. As the name implies, you can bet not on one wheel, but on several (usually up to 6). Microgaming has this option.

The most profitable Roulette is French. Its house edge (house edge) is less than 2%. In Europe, this figure reaches 2.7%. But in the American version, due to the presence of two sectors with zero, the advantage is already 5.26%.

Gameplay of Online Roulette

It’s not necessary to have special knowledge to play Roulette online. This is a fairly simple game. To access it and start placing bets, you need to:

  • Be registered on the site.
  • Top up the deposit (if you are going to play for money).
  • Go to the board games section.
  • Run the desired type of Roulette.
  • Make a bet. For example, on red / black or a specific number.
  • Press start wheel.
  • After the bet has won or lost, you need to repeat the action.

To play safely, choose only legal casinos. You will need not only various types of Roulette, but also good bonuses. After all, they can be used for betting and not risk your own funds.

We can always find what you like! The ratings include only the best casinos with various entertainments, and of course Roulette.

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