Online Blackjack: A Review of the Most Profitable Casino Game

We can safely say that Blackjack is the king of any casino. Every gambler must try this card game. Especially beginners and those who want to increase their bankroll faster. This is because online Blackjack game really allows you to beat the casino. And then we will reveal all the secrets about her.

Choosing a Casino and Starting to Play Blackjack

Every Australian casino offers this game to their customers. To access it, you just need to register on the site and replenish your account. You can also use the bonus no deposit money for this. But only if it is not prohibited by the terms of the casino. It is worth remembering that you can not play Blackjack safely everywhere. Therefore, choose a casino with the following characteristics:

  • having a license;
  • famous brand;
  • long term of work;
  • good reputation.

To facilitate the selection process, you can choose a casino from our ratings.

Real money online Blackjack is the best option for those who are afraid to take big risks. Here the risk of losing money is much less than in other entertainment. And all thanks to the low house edge. What's this?

This is the advantage of the casino over the gambler, expressed as a percentage. The higher it is, the less likely the player is to beat the hosts. House edge Blackjack less than 1%! This is just a great indicator for beginners, people with a small bankroll and those who are afraid of losing a lot.

Online Blackjack: Game Rules in Simple Words

To begin with, briefly about the rules of the Blackjack online Australia. Consider the classic version, since it is on it that all the others are based. The gameplay goes like this:

  1. The dealer gives the player 2 cards.
  2. Takes 1 card for himself.
  3. Cards open immediately - everyone can see them.
  4. You evaluate your combination. The main thing is to score up to 21 and more than the dealer.
  5. Then you decide whether to add cards or not.
  6. The dealer draws the second card from the deck. If you have more number - you won. If less - lost.

Each card has its own value, on the basis of which the combination is calculated. Here is the price of the cards:

  • ace - 11 points or 1 point;
  • pictures - 10 points;
  • cards with numbers - the price corresponds to the number on the card.

Blackjack is a combination of an ace and a card with a picture (so it turns out 21 points). If you have more than 21 in your hand, but one of the cards is an ace, then it brings 1 point.

About Free Online Blackjack

Of course, if the casino's goal is to entertain visitors, and not just take money from them, then their site will have a demo version of Blackjack. This is a variant of the game where you don't have to spend money. If you are just getting acquainted with such entertainment, then you will like play Blackjack free online. What are the advantages of the free mode:

  • you do not need to spend your money;
  • suitable for players with zero bankroll;
  • suitable for underage players;
  • you can familiarize yourself with previously unfamiliar rules;
  • no need to register to play;
  • you can choose in advance the version of Blackjack that you like the most.

Of course, you will not experience the intensity of emotions that gambling is capable of. This is available only to those who play for money. However, this possibility should not be ignored. After all, with its help you can practice, test tactics and decide on the choice of the most profitable game.

Origins of Blackjack

It is impossible to say exactly where and when Blackjack originated. We can only guess how he gained his popularity.

The most likely option is the Italian origin of the game. Researchers have found a sermon by Bernardine of Siena (a Catholic saint), which dates back to 1440. In it, he criticized gambling and mentioned the entertainment «Thirty One» (originally called Trentuno).

The rules of this old game are no different from Blackjack, except for the number of points. Therefore, it is considered the progenitor of modern gambling.

We also know that this game was very popular among the cowboys of the Wild West. They loved her for the simplicity of the rules, which were easy to explain even to not the smartest people.

Today it is one of the favorite games among gamblers. And we advise you to pay attention to it. Despite the simple rules, it is far from primitive and can bring a lot of fun. And good wins!

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