TOP Online Casinos: Best Places to Play for Real Money

Gambling houses would definitely not become so popular if real bets in dollars were not allowed. Therefore, casinos where you can bet in dollars are so popular. Much more than those where the game currency is used and funds cannot be cashed out.

Playing for real money in online casinos is not only fun and profitable, but also risky. Therefore, you need to choose a place for investments with extreme caution. We will tell you how to choose a casino to use your money safely. And also, so that you do not miss the best online casinos for real money, we will provide their current rating.

Casinos with Real Money Games: How We Make a Review

In order for the rating to be reliable and really beneficial for beginners (and not only) gamblers, we strictly evaluate each casino on specific points. To institutions where they play for dollars, you need to be especially meticulous. We check the following items:

  • License. If it is, it means that the games work on the principle of a random number generator. This is a guarantee that you will not be deceived, the results will not be rigged, and you will not be prevented from receiving a win.
  • Payment methods. Their quantity, quality, popularity among Australians and reliability.
  • Available currencies. Most often it is the dollar or the Australian dollar. But it’s cool if the institution also has cryptocurrency.
  • Limits. We check if the banking options are convenient for players with a small bankroll. After all, sometimes the minimum replenishment threshold is high for them.
  • Casino commission. Ideally, the institution does not withdraw additional funds for the withdrawal of winnings.
  • Withdrawal speed. In the best gambling houses, you can get money instantly.
  • Bonus funds and wager. This is an important point that shows the generosity of the casino. High wagers are bad and wrong.
  • RTP percentage. The most important indicator for those who play for real money. For licensed casinos, it should not fall below 96%.

These are criteria that relate specifically to cash transactions on sites. They are basic. All new online casinos for real money are analyzed according to them. Sometimes casinos can be forgiven for inconvenient navigation, but the lack of the ability to conveniently withdraw money is not.

Casino Games Which are Better for Real Money Play

What sections of the casino site are better to visit for not to lose everything? We are ready to share these secrets with you.

To escape the danger of losing, you need to check the house edge. This is the percentage that the casino reserves. In other words - the probability of winning a gambling house. It is expressed as a percentage. The lower it is, the better for you.

Here is a list of the most popular and profitable games:

  • Blackjack: according to various sources, the house edge ranges from 0.60% to 1%;
  • Baccarat: 1.2%;
  • Craps: 1.58%;
  • Caribbean poker: 1.46%;
  • Pai Gow: 1.65%;
  • Roulette (single 0): 2.59%.

The indicator is approximate, since each institution sets its own percentage. But online legitimate casinos for real money necessarily do this within generally accepted limits.

Slots are another cool way to increase your bankroll. But here you need to pay attention to the percentage of RTP - return to the player. It shows how much money you can theoretically return after the end of the gaming session. The average is 95%. But you can find cool slots where the RTP is above 98%. It is almost impossible to lose money there if you play smart.

All other games are also popular, they are just not as profitable.

Why are Real Money Casino Games Cool for You?

Of course, you can use the demo version, just spin the reels or collect poker combinations. However, there will be no benefit in doing so. That is why Australian players prefer to invest their money in the game. What are its advantages:

  • The opportunity to win a large amount, hit the jackpot and get rich.
  • More excitement and emotional investment in the game.
  • Players are motivated to learn and try different strategies.
  • Sharp sensations. Such experiences are rarely forgotten and enjoyable.
  • Access to cool casino bonuses.
  • The ability to climb the VIP ladder and receive various benefits.
  • Availability of promotions, tournaments, various gifts and surprises from the institution.
  • Full involvement in the gambling community.

Sometimes gambling houses provide their customers with free spins and even real funds. This is how you get free online casinos for real money. Of course, you won't be able to win without investments. But with the help of offers and promotions on the site, you can spend less of your savings for entertainment. There is a hidden danger in such games - this is addiction.

To avoid it, you can use responsible gambling: set various limits, monitor your bankroll and ask for help in time if necessary.


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